Odnoklassniki Data: How Russians Spend Time Online

The social network Odnoklassniki, together with the ResearchMe research agency, conducted an online survey among 3113 Russian Internet users using land transport.

The data set consisted of both passengers (67%) and drivers (33%).

The respondents described what they do while riding in ground transport and how they spend their time in traffic jams.

The TOP tools used on the road include social networks, music and mobile games.

Most often, on the way, drivers listen to music (50%), and passengers go to social networks (43%).

On social networks, while traveling, passengers more often watch the feed of their friends (68%) or correspond with them (63%), and also actively like other people’s publications (36%).

Interestingly, men are 1.3 times more likely than women to play games (38% versus 29%) and 1.5 times more likely to watch videos on social networks (37% versus 25%).

Less often, users post posts with text or photos – only 12% of respondents post on the road.

Also, in the course of the survey, respondents spoke about spending time in traffic jams.

Drivers are more likely than passengers to get stuck in traffic jams: for example, 62% of the drivers surveyed and 43% of passengers say they get stuck in traffic jams several times a week or more.

Irritation, boredom and stress become constant companions of Runet users in traffic jams.

In such situations, they try in different ways to distract themselves from negative emotions: drivers listen to music (61%) and radio (46%), browse social networks (24%), and passengers switch to social networks and music (45% each), and calls (19%).

Dan Taylor
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