Roskachestvo Recognize Yandex.Browser As Best For Android

The Roskachestvo Center for Digital Expertise researched popular mobile browsers. Yandex Browser, according to the test results, turned out to be the best on the Android platform, and on iOS – the second after the pre-installed Safari.

In total, Roskachestvo tested 24 browsers available in the Russian segment of the App Store and Google Play. The authors of the study assessed the reliability, performance and security of browsers, and also compared on which platforms the applications are more functional.

The check showed that browsers on Android provide more options, and applications from the App Store show slightly higher results in terms of speed and information security.

The leading Yandex Browser in the ratings was rated for its ease of use, the implementation of auto-complete forms, a password manager, and also security: the browser’s anti-phishing test showed good results.

However, according to the results of safety tests, no application received the maximum score. Safari has the best result (4.7 points). Therefore, Roskachestvo recommends additionally using an antivirus on a smartphone, especially if it is a device running Android.

The leader in performance was Google Chrome, which was ranked 3rd on Android and 5th on iOS by experts.

Android Results

IOS Results

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