Yandex Announce YAC/e 2021 For November 10th

On November 10, Yandex will host the second online conference on education – Yet another Conference on Education 2021 (YAC / e). It will be attended by experts and market leaders who will talk about trends in education and share their experiences with the participants.

This event is for teachers, school and university administrators, parents, creators of educational projects, researchers, and those who just want to learn.

The conference will be hosted by Andrey Sebrant, Director of Strategic Marketing at Yandex, and Natalya Tsarevskaya-Dyakina, founder of the largest EdTech accelerator in Europe.

YAC / e is a general discussion block on the main stage, as well as thematic rooms in various areas and a studio where specific tasks and questions will be discussed with invited experts and participants.

What will be discussed on the main stage:

  • how people’s desire to learn, create and invest in education affects the economy of the future.
  • how people choose a specialty, what they expect from education – and how new professions, methods, and tools are emerging in the education sector in response to these demands.
  • about the variety of training formats that are now on the market, and about mathematics education, which lies at the heart of most IT professions.

Leaders of the edtech market and leading practitioners in the field of education will speak at the conference. These are visionaries of the field who understand educational technologies, the needs, and the problems of people who want to learn. Here are some of the speakers:

  • Andrey Volkov ,   Director of the Institute for Public Strategies, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo,
  • Daria Ryzhkova , founder of the Smart Ranking research agency,
  • Misha Yanovich , head of Yandex.Practicum,
  • Alexandra Skripchenko , Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, National Research University Higher School of Economics,
  • Anna Veklich , Leading Expert of the Center for Scientific Communication, ITMO University,

The conference will be held online. It will be available live on the YaC / e website. There you can also register for the conference in order to be among the first to receive the full program of speeches, which will be available after October 10. Registrants will also be able to create a personal schedule of talks that interested them the most.

Dan Taylor
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