Yandex Closes Yandex.Investments

Yandex closes the service for investments running on the VTB Capital Investments platform. The company sent a corresponding letter to users of the service.

The press service of Yandex reported that due to restrictions at the partner of Yandex.Investments – VTB, which fell under US blocking sanctions at the end of February, users cannot fully manage their assets: for example, it is no longer possible to trade securities of foreign companies. Therefore, the company decided to close the service.

The letter to users says that the closure will be phased: on April 11, the service will disable the ability to buy new securities and replenish the account, and it will be possible to sell assets and withdraw funds until at least April 15.

After the service is closed, users will be able to manage their assets in the VTB My Investments application and in their personal account on the VTB broker website. Later, the service promises to send all instructions on how to gain access. Operations in your personal account can be made from April 30.

In addition to selling assets or restoring access to a VTB account, users can independently transfer assets to another broker. This can be done at the bank office.

Dan Taylor
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