Yandex Hit By Largest DDoS Attack Ever Recorded On The Runet

Yandex reported that the largest DDoS attack in the history of the Russian Internet was carried out on the company’s servers in early September. The record scale of the cyberattack was confirmed by the American company CloudFlare, which specializes in repelling cyberattacks and cooperates with Yandex.

Yandex noted that the company struggled to contain the DDOS attack, but it continues this week. The specifics of the cyberattack are not disclosed – the internal audit is still working.

In a public statement, Yandex has confirmed they were the subject of an attack:

Yandex did indeed undergo a DDoS attack, which was reflected by our network infrastructure and unwanted request filtering system. The attack did not affect the operation of services, user data did not suffer.

According to Alexander Lyamin, general director of information infrastructure protection company Qrator Labs, in August and September the number of DDoS attacks on a variety of companies, from small businesses to major corporations, including the gaming sector, is growing. He claims that the customers of these attacks are different, but the perpetrator, apparently, is the same, and he operates a botnet that has recently appeared in the industry.

In early August (2021), Internet threat protection companies discovered DDoS attacks by a powerful new botnet on Russian companies, mainly from the gaming industry. According to StormWall, the new botnet is of Spanish origin and consists of 49,000 devices, with a maximum attack power of up to 2 Tbps.

Dan Taylor
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