Yandex introduced ChatGPT competitor – YandexGPT language model

Yandex introduced ChatGPT competitor – YandexGPT language model

Yandex introduced the YandexGPT neural network and was the first in the world to implement a new generation large language model in a voice assistant. Now Alice can write texts and offer ideas on any topic as a knowledgeable person.

The new feature is available where the virtual assistant is built-in: in the Yandex app, in the Browser, at Stations and smart TVs with Alice.

It is enough to say “Alice, let’s think up!” – and you can set tasks for her.


Alice can solve any problem: write a script for graduation, compose a business letter or propose a travel plan.

The YaGPT language model was trained on Yandex supercomputers, the most powerful in Eastern Europe. A lot of texts from articles and books gave the neural network knowledge about the world, and AI trainers showed it what well-written answers look like.

While the technology is in testing mode, Alice may be wrong about the facts, but this does not prevent it from creating new ideas and proposals.

Yandex is working to ensure that the new neural network learns to remember the context of the conversation and respond taking into account past questions. In the future, it will appear in other products of the company, primarily in Search.

The fact that Yandex is developing the Russian version of the ChatGPT neural network was shared on 1st February, 2023.

Earlier, other companies introduced analogues of ChatGPT: Sber developed its own neural network GigaChat , and Google introduced a chat bot with artificial intelligence Bard . Elon Musk also announced the creation of a competitor to ChatGPT .


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