Yandex.Market Makes Changes To The Returning Items Process

On March 29, Yandex.Market will publish an updated version of the placement agreement . In particular, it will contain an updated description of the procedure for returning goods purchased on the marketplace.

Now, in order to return a product purchased on the Market, the user must together with him submit a paper application for a return – either printed or written by hand. This complicates the procedure for most buyers, so from April a paper application becomes unnecessary.

Now, if the buyer wants to return the product without a paper statement, they will need to fulfil only 2 conditions:

  • Create an electronic application, which will indicate the reason for the return, attach the order data and photos of the goods.
  • Provide the order number with the returned product – for example, write on the package, stick it on or put it in the box.

The new return procedure will start working in April. The marketplace will inform partners if the buyer creates an electronic return request, and will transmit the reasons for the return and the order number.

Source: Yandex Market


Dan Taylor
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