Yandex.Webmaster Now Has a Button for Rechecking Turbo Pages

In February, Yandex.Webmaster announced improvements in diagnostics of Turbo pages and how important it is to monitor the compliance of Turbo pages with the original site so that users can easily get the information they need.

Today, to make it easier for webmasters to find inconsistencies, the developers have significantly expanded the page with examples of problems. There were explanations about what needs to be fixed, as well as a recheck button.

Now you can quickly send all revised Turbo pages for recheck:

Yandex Turbo page diagnostics, recheck button

The grouping of examples has also been changed – now they are sorted by errors, and not by page.

More details about Turbo Pages and their content requirements can be found in the help section.


Source: Yandex Webmaster Blog

Dan Taylor
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