Yandex Will Help Lavka, Food & Delivery Couriers Start A Career In IT

Couriers cooperating with Yandex Food, Lavka, and Delivery can now participate in an educational program and learn new IT professions. Among the specialties are a tester, developer, analyst, designer, and others.

The training will take place online – on the Yandex Practicum platform. After completing the course in the Practicum, graduates will be helped to prepare for an interview and write a resume, as well as offer suitable vacancies.

Couriers all over Russia who have been cooperating with Yandex Food, Lavka or Delivery for more than six months can participate in the program. Future students will have to fill out an application, choose a suitable profession and take an introductory course in the Practicum.

Next, the program participants are waiting for a motivation test and an online interview – this will help to understand how much each student is interested in learning and changing their profession.

The study itself will begin in June and will last from 4 to 10 months, depending on the specialty.

Tens of thousands of couriers across the country cooperate with Yandex, and more than 70 of the most motivated of them will become students of the Practicum.

Yandex delivery services will pay for each partner 90% of the cost of training, which ranges from 60,000 to 140,000 rubles. A Yandex Food survey among couriers showed that many of them (93%) want to learn a new profession. The majority of respondents (70%) are ready to spend up to 20,000 rubles on this.

Roman Maresov, the Head of Yandex Food has been quoted saying:

We want couriers to develop together with Yandex, so we have introduced an additional education program. Previously, Practicum and I have already launched such courses for partners as an experiment, but now we have updated and expanded the program – for example, we have added a motivation test, increased the number of professions, and introduced a motivational interview. This will help select those who really want to learn a new profession, who are ready to invest in training and go through it to the end.


Dan Taylor
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