Yandex Rent Guarantees the Homeowner Monthly Payments

Yandex Rent has become the first Russian real estate rental service that guarantees the homeowner monthly payments just in time. Now the landlord can receive a monthly payment from the service in compliance with the dates specified in the contract, even if the tenant missed the payment date.

A guaranteed payment will help out if the tenant fails to make the payment on time. For example, forgetfulness, due to technical failures when connecting to the Internet or a payment system. All new users of the service will receive a guarantee of payment, a prerequisite is the consent of the tenant. The tenant needs to repay the debt to the service within 14 days – and in the first two days, this can be done without charging a penalty.

Ilya Tikhomirov, the Head of Yandex Rent service has been quoted saying:

We see that most of our tenants pay their rent on time or even before the due date. And yet there are those who miss the due date. We help both tenants and apartment owners to feel more confident, create a new culture of mutual responsibility in the rental market.

Dan Taylor
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