Artem Savinovsky Now CEO of Yandex in Russia

Yandex announced the appointment of Artem Savinovsky to the post of CEO of the company. On Thursday, April 14, his candidacy was approved at the general meeting of Yandex LLC participants.

Previously, after leaving the post of Elena Bunina, Savinovsky was the acting CEO – now he will hold this position on a permanent basis.

Artem Savinovsky joined Yandex in 2008. He oversaw the direction of financial reporting, analytics, and planning. In particular, he was a member of the team preparing Yandex’s listing on the NASDAQ exchange and participated in the development of the Taxi development strategy.

In 2016, he took over as head of media services and has since been responsible for the division’s strategy and development of leading services, including KinoPoisk, Yandex Music, and Yandex Plus.

According to the company, Savinovsky will combine the positions of the head of media services and the CEO of Yandex in Russia.

Elena Bunina had served as CEO of Yandex in Russia since December 2017.

In March 2022, she was replaced by Tigran Khudaverdyan. However, a day after his appointment, he left the post due to EU sanctions.


Dan Taylor
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