25 SEO Agencies For Russia & The RuNet

The following list has been composed from various sources including Weblancer, UpWork, Clutch, SEMrush, and general forum listings to (in no particular order) identify 25 of the current leading SEO agencies who work in the Russian market and optimize for clients on the RuNet.

For this list we’ve looked at reviews, client bases, and case studies.

List Details

  • Not all agencies and professionals on this list are based in Russia.
  • The list of 25 was compiled, and then randomised three times, so being in position one of the list is in no way an endorsement versus position 25.

25 SEO Agencies For Russia

The below list has been composed from various third-party sources based on reputation, reviews, and standing.

1 True.code

Website: https://t-code.ru/
Based in Irkutsk
Clients: Mozart Beer, Sofora (софора), Maifest (манифест).

2 Webernetic

Website: https://webernetic.ru/
Based in Moscow
Clients: Panasonic, Lukoil, Das Kitchen.

3 Mobupps

Website: https://mobupps.com/
Based in Moscow
Clients: Uber, Skip The Dishes, Bon Prix, Amazon.

4 FlatStack

Website: https://www.flatstack.com/
Based in Kazan
Clients: Westwood Global Enery, Github, Twiage.

5 Ashmanov & Partners

Website: https://www.ashmanov.com/
Based in Moscow & Saint Petersburg
Clients: Coca-Cola, Huawei, Isover (Saint-Gobain), Tinkoff (Тинькофф).

6 SALT.agency

Website: https://salt.agency
Based in Leeds & London, United Kingdom
Clients: Cloudflare, Saint-Gobain, Wrike, ProtonMail.

7 Garpix

Website: https://garpix.com/
Based in Ivanovo
Clients: Volvoa, Admiral Hockey, Port of Vladivostok.

8 Contorra Family

Website: https://contorra.ru/
Based in Sochi
Clients: Seaport Sochi, Call A Jet, Bashexport (Башэкспорт).

9 Intervolgaru

Website: https://intervolgaru.com/
Based in Volgograd
Clients: Intuit QuickBooks, One Signal, eCitizen.

10 Adves

Website: https://adves.com/
Based in Moscow

11 Artox Media

Website: https://amdg.ru/
Based in Moscow
Clients: Fujifilm, Samsung, Tinkoff (Тинькофф), Gazprom Bank.

12 Inter Web

Website: https://iw-studio.ru/
Based in Taganrog
Clients: Capelli D’Oro, Avanta (Аванта), Kreuz-Ru (Кройц-Ру).

13 Promotion (Продвижение)

Website: https://prodvizhenie.agency/
Based in Belgorod
Clients: Lebenbau, Steelbox, Belgorod Brush Factory.

14 Aurora

Website: https://www.seo-russia.com/
Based in Saratov
Clients: Lucid Chart, Mobvista, Grid Dynamics, Nemo Watersports Dubai.

15 Oban International

Website: https://obaninternational.com/
Based in Brighton, United Kingdom
Clients: Jo Malone London, Speedo, Big Bus Tours, GiffGaff.


Website: https://seo-bel.ru/
Based in Belgorod

17 WOW Agency

Website: https://wow.wearewowagency.com/
Based in Novosibirsk
Clients: Black Frog, BigSOS, Sushi Terra, Stack Telecom.

18 ALT Team

Website: https://www.alt-team.com/
Based in Ulyanovsk
Clients: Albeit, Modex, TradeSoft (Трейд Софт).

19 Wide Web

Website: https://wide-web.spb.ru/
Based in Saint Petersburg
Clients: Dom.ru (Дом.ru), a-brest.by (Бресте).

20 Netpeak

Website: https://netpeak.ua/
Based in Kiev, Ukraine
Clients: OLX, Planet Kino, Decathlon, Pandora.

21 Dead Fox Agency

Website: https://deadfox.agency/
Based in Moscow
Clients: Leto (Лето), Safe Lights, MobilPower.ru

22 Mint Twist

Website: https://www.minttwist.com/
Based in London, United Kingdom
Clients: Masterchef, Royal College of Art.

23 Pearl Lemon

Website: https://pearllemon.com/
Based in London
Clients: LoanPig, OAL, Elevano.

24 Media Nation

Website: https://medianation.ru/
Based in Moscow
Clients: MyToys.ru, Butik, Svyaznoy (Связной).

25 Evertop

Website: https://evertop.pro/
Based in Moscow


Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor is an experienced SEO consultant and has worked with brands and companies on optimizing for Russia (and Yandex) for a number of years. Winner of the inaugural 2018 TechSEO Boost competition, webmaster at HreflangChecker.com and Sloth.Cloud, and founder of RussianSearchNews.com.