Channels on Yandex Zen Now Have a Verification Icon

Bloggers, media, and companies in Yandex Zen can now get a recognizable badge that confirms the authenticity of the channel. The platform verifies blogs, the authors of which are interesting to a wide audience and are known not only in Zen.

Popular musicians, journalists, scientists, politicians, as well as big bloggers from Zen and other platforms can get the blue badge.

Verification confirms that the channel is genuine and is indeed being hosted by a famous person or brand. This helps fight fake blogs that mislead the audience.

The icon appears on the page and on all channel posts. It does not provide other advantages – content is recommended in the feed along with publications of other channels.

To get a badge, you must meet at least two requirements:

  • Be the owner of a public verified account in one of the social networks and be able to confirm its authenticity.
  • Provide a link to a Wikipedia article with a verified source of information.
  • Provide links to publications about yourself in major media.
  • Be the owner of a channel participating in the Nirvana program or a channel with an audience of at least 100,000 subscribers in Zen.

To pass the verification, the channel must be fully decorated: an avatar and cover have been uploaded, a short description for users is filled in. In addition, the blog should have fresh posts that comply with the Zen guidelines.

Source: Yandex Zen Magazine


Dan Taylor
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