Conducting UX Tests With Yandex.Vzglyad

Now entering a beta phase, Yandex.Vzglyad (Взгляд = Va-z-gli-arr-d), will allow webmasters to conduct user polls, view heatmaps, and conduct UX tests.

Vzglyad translating into English as “sight”.

Similar to other heatmap software, Взгляд will allow webmasters to identify user behavior and potential conversion/user journey flow obstacles.

Olga Megorskaya, the Head of Yandex Crowdsourcing and Platforming Department has said:

The joint project of Vzglyad and Toloka allows us to make decisions based on these data, even in such tasks where designers and product managers traditionally relied on their own opinion or the opinion of their closest colleagues and acquaintances. The new tool allows you to quickly get an objective assessment of the interface from a large number of independent users. On the one hand, the customer gets access to the convenient and familiar Vzglyad interface, and on the other, the opportunity to test the prototype on more than 100 Yandex.Tolki artists of different sexes, ages, and social status. Thus, errors in the design of interfaces can be detected at an early stage, and only those options that will be more convenient for users will get into development.

How To Use Yandex Sight

Before you start testing, you only need a prototype interface, even ordinary screenshots will do. 

You can start the study in several steps:

  1. Click the Create Survey button, select “UX Testing” in the list of templates.
  2. Formulate the task – for example, “register on the site, find a refrigerator, and add it to the basket.”
  3. Download the interface images for the passage of the script and select clickable areas.
  4. Make a payment and run the study. You pay for the study, not the number of respondents. At the time of beta testing, it costs 999 rubles (roughly $14).

Yandex Metrica & UX Data

Currently, webmasters with Yandex Metrica installed on their websites can access WebVisor data, which includes a heatmap, scroll depth map, form funnel analysis, and link click attributes.

I spoke about these features back at MeasureCamp London in 2017.

It’s not yet apparent if the longer-term goal is to combine these features into Vzglyad, or if it will remain a standalone paid service and not a part of the core Yandex analytics product.


Featured Image: From the Yandex blog.

Dan Taylor
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