Market To Exclude Overpriced Products (Currently Hides)

From March 1st 2021, the marketplace will no longer have exclusions for which goods were not hidden due to the high price. Market will begin to withdraw any product from sale, if its price exceeds the market median by 20% or more.

This rule will apply in all categories, including those that were exceptions:

  • Household products
  • Goods for pets
  • Beauty and hygiene
  • Desktop computers
  • Monoblocks
  • Laptops
  • Mouse pads
  • Memory cards
  • Memory Card Readers
  • USB flash drive
  • Coffee grinders
  • Vacuum cleaner accessories
  • Accessories for electric shavers and epilators
  • Enterprise operating systems
  • Maps and GPS navigation software
  • Batteries and accumulators
  • Chargers for standard batteries
  • Games for classic consoles
  • Games for consoles and PC
  • Lenses
  • Products for children (partially)

Market will not consider products worth less than 150 rubles as an exception – if the price for them is at least 20% higher than the median, these products will be hidden.

For hidden products to return to the storefront, you need to lower prices.

You can find out which products are worth lowering the price in your personal account on the page “Products” → “Catalog” – on the “Too high prices” tab . Also, information about products that are not sold on the marketplace is available in the report on hidden products .


Dan Taylor
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