Yandex Launch Balaboba, YaLM Based Text Generator

Yandex has launched the Balaboba service, which works on the basis of neural networks of the YaLM family and is capable of adding texts on any topic while maintaining coherence and a given style.

Using the service, you can create toasts, captions for photos on Instagram, write horoscopes, TV reports, short stories, and other texts.

Balaboba has no opinion or knowledge, it only knows how to imitate – to write texts so that they are as similar as possible to real texts from the Internet.

Yandex Balaboba

In Balaboba, YaLM neural networks are used for entertainment, but they were developed originally for more serious tasks.

The main feature of YaLM is the ability to learn new things with just a few examples: in order for the language model to write meaningful reviews of films, toasts for a feast or conspiracy theory, it will have enough from five to several dozen examples of how such texts should be written.

To ensure that the texts written by “Balaboba” were not only grammatically correct but also lexically diverse, terabytes of data were used.

YaLM is trained on a part of the Runet pages indexed by Yandex, including not only Wikipedia, news articles, and books, but also public records of users of social networks and forums. Therefore, some of the resulting texts may seem offensive to users.

However, for this, a special button is provided, by clicking on which, you can contribute to the training of her network.

The service does not work with obscene language, and also does not accept requests for sensitive and sensitive topics such as politics and religion. It is noteworthy that all expressions containing the word “Vova” or “Vovan” also fall into the last category.

Yandex has applied the new generative neural networks YaLM in the recent Y1 search update. Now they are already helping to give answers to searches in mobile Yandex and Alice.


Source: VC

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