Yandex Launches New Mail Product, 360

Yandex.Mail 360 is a new product tailored to the work environment by combining multiple business essential products within a single user interface.

Through this, users can perform a number of tasks from scheduling (and conducting) video meetings, note taking, and document transference from a single application, rather than moving through multiple.

This means that the action points and meeting notes from a Telemost video conference can be recorded directly into Notes, and then shared via Messenger or Mail. Right now this service is free to use, with all basic product functions enabled and 30gb of space (free) in Yandex.Disk.

Yandex.Mail 360 will be useful for organizations as well. They will receive mailboxes in the company’s domain, the ability to send mailings to employees, cloud storage with an online document editor, extended options for forwarding letters and other functions.

Organizations that connect a set of services before October 28 will be able to use it for free for six months.

This will contend with other services, such as G-Suite.

Sergey Lyadzhin, the Head of Yandex Personal Services was quoted in Yandex’s press release:

Nowadays many people use mail mainly for business communication, so we want to turn it into a convenient workplace. Yandex has Disk, Telemost, Calendar and other services that many use in their work. To make it easier for people to use them, we have combined these services in one interface, and in the future we will add new features to Yandex.Mail 360.

Dan Taylor
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