Lavka Testing Paid Delivery v Minimum Order Amounts

Yandex.Lavka has launched an experiment in which it removed the minimum order amount, replacing it with paid delivery options.

Ilya Krasilshcik posted about the experiment in the Lavka Facebook group:

In any city service, a situation regularly occurs when there are more people who want to go by taxi / order food than cars / couriers. At the same time, the basic condition of the service is that it must always be available. The only way to achieve this is by balancing the price. In Taxi, this is the price of the trip, in Food, the price of delivery, in Lavka, the minimum basket. The idea is that those who do not really need will not order or order later, but those who are super important will be able to use the service.

You can read Ilya’s full post here.

Source: Yandex Lavka Facebook Group


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