Yandex Market Began Selling Children’s Products Under Its Own “Junion” Brand

On Yandex Market, you can now order children’s products that the service produces under the Junion brand.

The marketplace already has exclusive sales of car seats for children under 12 years of age and art supplies, and by the end of the year other products for different ages will appear – high chairs, soft lounge chairs for newborns, playpens, sports goods and toys.

All this is developed by the service team itself and controls the production cycle at all stages. For example, all car seats under the Junion brand comply with Russian and international safety standards ECE R44. Junion products for the Market are produced by both Russian and foreign factories.

At the first stage, Junion has three product lines. The first is everything you need to move and feed your baby: these are car seats, cradles, boosters, high chairs and other goods for the little ones. The second is Junion Sport: tricycles, balance bikes, scooters.

The third is Junion Creative: paint by numbers, kits for modeling and drawing, as well as other goods for creativity and hobbies. In the future, the Market plans to expand the Junion range within these lines, as well as create new ones.

The service pays special attention not only to the practicality and quality of things but also to their appearance. Many of the brand’s products are developed in-house by the Market team with the involvement of specialists from the creative industries. For example, child car seats were developed by Market in partnership with an automotive industrial designer who designs car interiors.

In March, Yandex began producing accessories for mobile electronics under its own Commo brand.

The marketplace already sells network chargers for devices, phone cases, charging cables, batteries, and much more.

Dan Taylor
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