Yandex.Plus Subscribers in Russia Has Exceeded 5 Million

Yandex.Plus has passed the mark of 5 million subscribers in Russia. The number of subscribers has doubled since the beginning of the year.

In the press release, Tigran Khudaverdyan, Managing Director of Yandex Group of Companies was quoted saying:

Subscriptions that let you not only listen to music and watch movies, but also get more value from everyday services are just beginning to develop in the country. Users understand that paying 200 rubles a month for the opportunity to watch and listen to almost everything without restrictions is much more profitable than buying one movie for the same amount. And if you also get discounts and bonuses in the services that you use every day, the subscription quickly starts to pay off. Yandex.Plus became the first single subscription service in Russia two years ago and now, according to our estimates, remains the largest.

Viewers of KinoPoisk HD spend on average about 20 hours a month in an online cinema, and often they watch films with a company or with their family. Original and exclusive content is popular with subscribers.

The series “Unprincipled” and “Just Imagine What We Know”, made especially for KinoPoisk, entered the top 5 most popular films and TV series on KinoPoisk HD in October 2020, along with the films “Goalkeeper of the Galaxy”, “Gentlemen” and the TV series ” Rick and Morty. ”

Subscribers who listen to music and podcasts on Yandex.Music spend more than 26 hours a month with Music.

Yandex.Plus owners receive cashback points for orders in Taxi, Drive, Food and Shop and other services. A percentage of the order amount is returned to the account in the form of points, which can be spent to pay for new orders. According to the data for the last month, people most often spent points on taxi rides and car rentals in Yandex.Drive, and buying goods for points on the Market is gaining popularity.

Dan Taylor
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