Yandex Services Will Appear in Some Lada Car Models

Yandex, in partnership with AvtoVAZ, will build a new multimedia platform into Lada Vesta, Xray, Xray Cross cars. The parties do not disclose the terms of the partnership but did note that they jointly participated in the project and developed a solution.

Drivers of the specified Lada models will be able to use Yandex.Auto services – Navigator, Gas stations, Music, and Alice – in configurations with the Lada EnjoY Pro multimedia system.

It will be possible to control all the functions of the system both with the buttons on the steering wheel and with the help of the voice assistant. It will be possible to display the image from the rearview camera with dynamic parking guidelines on the screen. The system will also be able to alert the driver when it is unsafe to maneuver – for example, when the trunk is open or the speed when reversing is too high.

Note that the Yandex.Auto system reads information from sensors – for example, depending on the headlights, the day or night mode on the screen changes. And if the speed of the car is more than 5 km / h, the video in the background stops – to make it safer on the road.

Lada EnjoY Pro also supports CarPlay and AndroidAuto platforms – but you need a wired connection to use them. The Yandex.Auto system is already available in Toyota, Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Geely, and others.


Dan Taylor
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