12 Leading SEOs For Russia & The RuNet (2021)

Russia is a complex market from an organic search perspective.

Not only is it one of the biggest countries on Earth, with a population spread over multiple time zones – but also a unique country in that it has two prominent search engines, Yandex and Google.

Whilst we don’t tend to cover a lot of Google news on RussianSearchNews.com, preferring to be one of the West’s leading Yandex news outlets instead, we do understand and appreciate the complexities of being an SEO professional working with clients for the Russian market – given there are two search engines and customer acquisition platforms to work on.

This list is the 2021 edition of leading SEO professionals in the Russian (RuNet) market. All the professionals have been collated and then randomized in order – so being in position one is the same as being in position 12 on this list.


1. Konstantin Solodyannikov, Head of SEO, IT-Agency.ru

Konstantin has been Head of SEO at IT-Agency since 2016, and working in search marketing since 2010.

One of his aims is to improve the overall reputation of SEO in Russia, and remove the snake oil and shamans spouting false gospel and promises of the land of milk and honey.

Konstantin has worked with a number of brands, including Tripster, Aquaphor, Skillbox, and VkusVill. He is also a known conference speaker, having spoken at the Yandex Webmaster conference, Optimization Conference, and the Ukrainian Digital Conference.

2. Anna Khryapina, Analyst, Seowork

Currently an Analyst at Seowork, Anna previously worked at both WebIT and OZON.ru.

Anna has experience working with some of the biggest ecommerce websites in Russia, with OZON on her CV and Eldorado in her portfolio.

3. Alexander Bormintsev, Head of SEO Department, Sravn.ru

Alexander has been in SEO for the past 15 years, and prior to Srvan he was the Head of Search Technologies at Biplan.

Having worked with hundreds of companies varying from banks and insurance brokers, to ecommerce outlets and aggregators/OTAs, Alexander is well respected within the Russian search space.

4. Victoria Goloverda, SEO Team Lead, Netpeak Internet Marketing Agency

Victoria specializes in the CIS and Western projects of complex niches that require a non-standard approach.

She is also responsible for developing the SERM direction in the agency, and she teaches SEO lectures at the Genius Marketing Academy as well as speaking at specialized search marketing conferences.

5. Artem Bagnenko, Lead SEO Specialist, ITECH

Artem has been at ITECH since 2018, and started as a search engine optimization trainee and quickly became a leading specialist in the business.

Working with both Russian and International companies such as CityNature, EMC, and Ochkarik, Artem has garnered a reputation in the search industry and regularly contributes articles to leading Russian SEOs journals.

6. Elena Hakobyan, Search Engine Optimization Manager, Lenta

Elena has been in the SEO industry for 5 years, beginning her career in 2015 at Wavemaker – where she led a large banking project. She quickly progressed and prior to Lenta spent 3 years as head of SEO at M.Video.L

Lenta is one of the largest retai chains in Russia, so Elena’s insights into mass FMCG and enterprise ecommerce in Russia are some of the very best.

7. Dan Taylor, Head of Research Department, SALT.agency

Dan leads the R&D department and helps build growth strategies for dozens of clients.

Specializing in technical SEO, and organic demand generation. Dan has previously collaborated with Cloudflare, Saint-Gobain, and Proton.

He has spoken internationally at a number of Western conferences such as BrightonSEO (Great Britain), SEO Camp’ Paris, and TechSEO Boost (USA); in 2018 won the Technical SEO Research & Innovation competition. In 2020 he also became the first British person to speak at Optimization conference.

8. Galina Bakusheva, Head of SEO, BetBoom

With more than 8 years of SEO experience in various niches, Galina has a strong reputation in the Russian SEO space.

She has worked with major media projects, including Hypebeast.com, Vm.ru, Rt.com, Life.ru and others, and is adept in technical SEO and SEO led design.

Galina is also the author of the Telegram channel Seoshnitsa.

9. Konstantin Abdullin, Leading SEO Specialist, RACURS

Working in SEO since 2015, and in general Internet marketing since 2013, Konstantin has worked with the likes of Leovit, Siberian collection, STREET BEAT, World of Cubes, BMW BorisHof, EMC-Aestetic Clinic, Moe Delo, Sotovik-M, and Tanuki.

Konstantin also developed the Developed the Elbrus technological process, from which he increased organic traffic on a medical website by 30-times.

He also writes articles for Serpstat.com, Searchengines.ru, and CMSmagazine.ru.

10. Alexandra Muzlanova, Head of SEO, Autospot

Alexandra is a an SEO specialist with a reputation for consistent performance.

In her portfolio are current employers Autospot, where she has grown organic traffic by 6x, and previous projects include the Home Credit Bank “Good by installements” campaign, which saw an increase of 40,000 organic visits (per month) within 4 months.

Alexandra also graduated from the Faculty of Experimental and Theoretical Physics at NRNU-MEPhI.

11. Evgeny Kostin, Project Manager “Tools for SEO-Professionals”, PromoPult

Since 2007, Evgeny has been professionally engaged in web technologies, in Internet marketing and SEO.

In March 2012 he joined the SeoPult System team. Previously, he worked as an affiliate network development manager at the Kokoc.com agency, and before that, as a search engine optimization specialist at AGAVA.

He is a regular speaker at industry conferences, and co-author and ideological inspirer of the book “Promotion: Secrets of Effective Website Promotion” – a bestseller and winner of the OZON.ru Book Award.

Current clients include Concert.ru, Moscow Furniture House, and DoubleTree Moscow by Hilton.

12. Sergey Sukhoplyuev, Head of Traffic Department, Marketing Group Complex

For more than 6 years Sergey has been specializing in SEO, participating in the formation and implementation of traffic generation projects for dozens of large Russian B2B companies such as AltaProfil, Torex, Megaflex, Favorit Motors, Stupinsky Chemical Plant and has also developed a strategy for generating SEO optimized regional sites for dealers.

Sergey is also a mentor and teacher at the MaEd.ru training center


Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor is an experienced SEO consultant and has worked with brands and companies on optimizing for Russia (and Yandex) for a number of years. Winner of the inaugural 2018 TechSEO Boost competition, webmaster at HreflangChecker.com and Sloth.Cloud, and founder of RussianSearchNews.com.