Metrica Introduces End-To-End Analytics

End-to-end analytics allows linking requests from the site with real sales – and usually for this you need to connect a separate service. But now you can set up end-to-end analytics directly in Yandex.Metrica. For this, a new opportunity has appeared – direct CRM connection. This will allow you to combine actual sales with advertising costs, which can also be transferred to Metrica – and get ready-made end-to-end analytics reports.

In the section “End-to-end analytics” two reports are available at once – “Sources, expenses and ROI” and “Sources of orders”:

The report “Sources, costs, and ROI” will help you make strategic decisions about how to allocate advertising budget between channels and whether they can be scaled. This can be done by relying on one of two metrics to choose from – they are equivalent, just some may already be more familiar:

  • ROI will help you understand how much each ruble invested in advertising brings. The higher the ROI, the more efficient the placement.
  • DRR (ad spend share) will show what share of the income received was actually “eaten” by the ad. The lower the DRR, the better the advertising pays off.

In addition, the report will help you quickly find the reason for the low ROI. For example, compare the cost of a click (CPC, cost per click), conversion on the site (CPA, cost per action) and the final sale (CPO, cost per order). If a channel has an abnormal CPC against the general background, and the rest of the metrics do not differ much from other sources, you should pay attention to the settings of the ad account.

The report “Sources of orders” will allow you to study in detail the work of each advertising channel in order to understand how to increase sales

In Metrica, you will be able to see the number of created, paid, canceled and spam orders. By transferring this data from CRM to Metrica, you can see statistics for each group of orders in the reports and evaluate the ROI more transparently – only taking into account the profit.

As soon as the data on orders from CRM begins to be transferred, the goals “Order created” and “Order paid” will be automatically created in Metrica. They can be used to optimize ads in Yandex.Direct. For example, in strategies or in bid adjustments – to attract a more active audience and get more orders.

Source: Yandex Metrica Blog

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