Yandex Confirm New Commercial Results Filter

Recently, a new filter option for SERP results appeared within Yandex search results pages.

You can read more on this here.

Up until now, there had been no official word from Yandex as to whether or not this was a new feature brought on by the next text processing and AI capabilities, or simply something being test., a leading Russian SEO news site (in Russian) reached out to Yandex and acquired the following statement:

We see that the search for goods and services is often different from other types of search, and we want to make the user’s path from search to purchase as comfortable and convenient as possible, and the choice is easy. Therefore, we use different commercial search filters for different requests – so that the user can quickly solve his problem. The example given above is just one of the options for issuing.

This indicates that this is a new feature, and potentially one of many new features being rolled out to better help users refine their search journeys – without the need to perform multiple searches and stack queries.


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Dan Taylor
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