Yandex Has Given YAN Statistics A UI Update

Yandex has updated the ad network statistics interface. There are new tools and functions. As stated in the Yandex blog, the updated interface is available to all YAN partners.

What has changed?

In the “Statistics” section, instead of the “Create Report” and “Monetization Report” tools, a report designer is now available, which has combined the capabilities of the two tools and has been updated with new functions.

Elaborating on these updates further:

  • Yandex has placed filters, groupings and indicators on one screen. So the settings have become more compact.
  • Report lists are divided into two groups: Templates and  Saved. The templates contain pre-configured standard reports, and the saved ones contain your reports. You can add any report to the dashboard, save, delete it, or copy the link to it.
  • Any interface element can be collapsed to enlarge the work area and better view the graph or all columns of the table.

This, according to Yandex, presents new opportunities for working with the data:

  • The charts now have additional settings: you can switch the view of the chart (linear or bar), select indicators and groupings. Manage charts – now on the dashboard.
  • New groupings have appeared in reports, for example, by the geography of visitors (by countries, regions, and cities), operating systems, and browsers.
  • Data for all key figures and groupings can now be compared across periods.
  • You can now download data in XLSX format.

Yandex have also produced this video, outlining the new statistics interface:

Source: Yandex Blog

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