Yandex.Maps Has Improved Navigation During Traffic Jams

Yandex.Maps has become more accurate in calculating the time of passage of busy intersections. Namely, those where it is significantly dependent on whether the driver is driving straight or turning.

Previously, algorithms showed a common traffic jam at the intersection, and now they calculate traffic jams separately for different directions. This allows you to better predict the time of the trip and offer faster routes where possible.

To update the algorithms, the Kart team automatically analyzed the Russian intersections and selected several thousand of the most complex ones.

Now, depending on the route built, Maps and Navigator display the congestion on the section before the intersection in different ways. So, if red burns for a long time for traveling straight and a traffic jam has accumulated – on the route passing in this direction, the section is marked with red. At the same time, for the route that goes to the right, it can remain green – if there is no traffic jam. This will help the driver evaluate the alternatives and choose the best path.

Traffic jams in Maps are rated on a ten-point scale, where 0 points – free movement, and 10 points – the city “stands” on the main highways or traffic is difficult, for example, because of snow. On the route, the level of congestion is marked by shades of green, yellow and red. This allows the driver to quickly evaluate his route.

Yandex.Maps helps to navigate the city and answer everyday questions of pedestrians and drivers. Last they lay routes taking into account traffic jams and give clues while driving, warn them about cameras, accidents and repair work. All this is available in the Navigator tab, which appeared at the end of 2020.

Source: Telegram: Contact @yandexhq

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