Yandex Provide Black Friday Advice

Alexander Vlasov, an architect at Yandex has presented a webinar giving businesses advice on how to approach Black Friday.

In the webinar, Vlasov spoke about what Black Friday means for both offline and online retail, as well as how cloud technologies and creating a robust infrastructure can handle high user demands.

The Black Friday Effect

In 2019, sales grew by 30% in comparison to a regular shopping day, with Black Friday sales exceeded 22 billion rubles ($285k).

During this time there is an increased demand on your website infrastructure, as well as your backend systems and databases with the number of transactions being handled increasing.

These peaks can be dangers, as Ozone discovered in 2018.

Not preparing effectively for these peaks, especially in a year which has seen unprecedented growth and changes in user behaviour (to online shopping) could lead to significant opportunity costs.

If you’re running a hardware based server and technology stack, you may face more limitations than running a cloud infrastructure,

You can watch the full webinar, in Russian, here.


Dan Taylor
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