Forum Talk: Are Turbo Pages A Ranking Necessity?

Yandex Turbo Pages offer a faster web experience for users, and they qualify websites for the Turbo quality mark within search results pages.

But are they necessary to rank well?

This is a hot topic in the RuNet marketing search forums at the moment,

The Forum Talk

Original Question

The question is, is there a real profit from these Turbo? While reading forums and blogs for several days, I still did not understand the whole essence and benefits for myself (I realized that this is only beneficial for Yandex)

Tell me, do I understand correctly until I connect these turbo traffic from mobile devices, and then it will steadily fall from the desktop?

Forum Responses

According to my observations: about a year ago, the turbo connection affected the positions, but recently refusals have increased from them – they have been demolished on all sites. For some reason, if the entire site is in turbo, the traffic from Google decreases (xs why, but this is not the same behavior on one site). Better to optimize the site!

Dan Taylor
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